Dermalogica 30 Days to Fit Skin

Dernalogica, 30 days to fit skin, skin care, tone and tan youghal

Skincare not only begins from the outside on what you put on your skin, it also comes from the inside out.  I am a big fan of skin care and have always looked after my skin well since those early teen years, always ensuring I never miss out on my daily cleansing routine.  It has stood to me well but as the years go on (eek!) even though my skin would still be quite good, it does require extra care regardless of how well you look after it.  A healthy diet and visits to a skincare professional is essential.  That said, I was thrilled to be treated to a fabulous Dermalogica mini facial recently in Tone and Tan Beauty Youghal

Dernalogica, 30 days to fit skin, skin care, tone and tan youghal

Dermalogica have a current skin campaign running called 30 days to fit skin.  Their starter 30 day mini packs are available to purchase in select salons or pharmacies that stock the brand and are so handy if you just want to try out the products before purchasing the full size products.

The 30 minute Dermalogica Facial

I had a 30 minute mini Dermalogica facial.  After a skin analysis, Norma the salon owner, chose a skin brightening facial for me and I can 100% confirm that this was the nicest facial I have had!  My skin felt and still feels so amazingly soft from all the gorgeous products.  The 30 minute mini facial is so manageable from a time and cost perspective. If you treat yourself to one thing ladies, you must try this out. It covers everything right down to a fabulous decolletage and arm massage! I for one, am certainly going to be keeping up these facials on a regular basis from now on.

Dernalogica, 30 days to fit skin, skin care, tone and tan youghal

When the facial was complete, Norma did up my face mapping skin analysis chart.  She also gave me some sample products used as part of my skin brightening facial to try out at home.  The salon is super cosy and the girls so professional and lovely to deal with! If you are in the area, I highly recommend trying out the facial and products girls.  Your skin will thank you for it!

Dernalogica, 30 days to fit skin, skin care, tone and tan youghal

In the meantime, I cannot wait to get home later and take off my makeup!  Keep updated on my social media to see how I’m getting on over the next 30 days!

Clare XX


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An avid lover of all things beautiful and natural, I always try to use organic products as much as possible when it comes to skincare and nutrition.  After all, what you are putting on your skin is being absorbed into the body.  The more commercialized non-organic beauty products contain a lot of hidden chemicals, so beware!

Warrior Botanicals

Thus when I became aware of the most gorgeous locally produced West Cork organic beauty brand called Warrior Botanicals, I was super excited to try out some of the products.  Reidin, the founder, is passionate about using and producing organic and natural yet highly effective beauty products without harming our most precious temples.

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Warrior Deodorant Cream

First up, let’s talk about deodorant!  You may already be aware, but a serious amount of mass produced commercial deodorants contain aluminium and parabens which is not good.  Especially when it comes to putting them on the most sensitive areas of our bodies near the breast tissue.  They block up the pores rather than working with your body and sweat glands.  Don’t sweat it though (sorry, I couldn’t resist!).  Reidin’s deodorants work by drying up excess moisture rather than blocking up your glands and have serious lasting power.

organic beauty, beauty blog, warrior, chupi, locally produced

With all those gorgeous essential oils and natural ingredients, it works in such a cool way that the more you sweat, the sweeter you smell!  I have been using it for about a month now.  I find it amazing and still have loads left in the pot.  You must give it a chance though.  If you have been using a deodorant that contains aluminium and parabens, it will take time for the body to eliminate these toxins, so be patient!  Read more about the brand’s deodorant here.

Powder Shampoo

Next up, dry shampoo.  Being a gal that can suffer fierce from oily roots, I have to wash my hair every second day.  I have tried so many dry shampoos in the past and not one of them have kept the roots oil-free throughout day 2.  I can honestly hand on heart confirm that this is THE best powder shampoo I have ever used, and I have been through my fair share of them!


dry shampoo, organic products, irish made, support irish, west cork, warrior

Reidin makes two different types.  One for brunettes/darker tones and one for lighter tones/blondes.  I naturally am using the darker one called “Cocoa Vanilla” – it smells so gorgeous!!  Best of all? The products are talc free and again contain all natural ingredients.

I highly recommend you give Warrior Botanicals a try girls! Your bodies will thank you so much in the long run.  They are so worth it for protecting our precious temples and will last you ages!

Read more and shop the brand’s products here

Have a great week!